UPDATE: For over a decade, the Northside Music Fest crew has put together an annual event at the Northside Tavern that has brought together some of the best bands in the tri-state area and paired them with amazing touring acts from all over the country. The focus of the festival, started by Jason Snell and later stewarded by Mike Gibboney and Scot Torres, has always been three-fold: highlight the top-notch talent that exists in our city, celebrate the neighborhood of Northside and the Northside Tavern as a great place to see live music, and throw a kick-ass party. We think we’ve accomplished that and more.

We are extremely proud of the NMFs we’ve put together over the years and proud that, for a while, we had the longest running independent music festival in Cincinnati - all done without corporate sponsorships and/or ticket sales.

Earlier this year, we were informed by the owner of the Northside Tavern that they no longer wished to host the Northside Music Fest for reasons that are unknown to us. We must admit that the news came as a shock, especially after putting together one of the most successful, diverse, and fun NMFs we’ve ever produced. After receiving the news, we started to make plans to continue the festival elsewhere, but after much deliberation, we’ve collectively decided to take a year off, rest, regroup, and come up with something even more awesome. We can’t wait to share what’s next.

In the meantime, we encourage all of the folks who have attended Northside Music Fests over the years to keep supporting local music and local music festivals, and to also keep supporting the Northside Tavern and all the other venues that open their doors and their stages to local music.

We have much to be thankful for:  the bands that shared their talents with us, the staff of the Northside Tavern for putting up with the hectic schedules and loud volumes, our significant others for putting up with the three of us spending our weekends planning the next event, and most of all, the people who attended the Festival every year and made it a party.

See you soon!

Jason, Mike, and Scot

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NST2018 Lineup & Schedule

Front Stage

7:30p Freedom Nicole Moore

8:30p Blood Cassette

9:30p Silent Tongues

10:30p Darlene

11:30p Water Witches

Outside Patio Stage

6:00p Marjorie Lee & The Lovers

7:00p Stallone N Roses

8:00p Sons of Silverton

9:00p Arlo McKinley

10:00p  MARR

Back Room Stage

8:15p Static Falls


10:15p Kraken Quartet

11:15p Tongue & Lips

12:15p Us, Today


About NMF2018


Northside Music Festival grew out of Jason Snell wanting to book a larger night of music with his buddies and celebrate Cincinnati’s eclectic and music-rich neighborhood of Northside, and wrapping it all up with a cool show poster.

Jason brought in friends, Mike Gibboney and Scot Torres, and soon the Northside Music Festival had grown from a one-night local music showcase to a full-blown two-day festival featuring a curated mix of both local and regional bands on three stages, all for free.

Past performers include the Open Mike Eagle, Buffalo Killers, Soledad Brothers, Why?,
James Leg (Black Diamond Heavies), Daniel Martin Moore, Wussy, Joan Shelley, Tweens, and many many more.



Northside Tavern


Cincinnati Ohio

4163 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45223
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